Disney has officially hit a new 10 year low. Currently trading at about $82/share, investors including myself are wondering when the bleeding will be over?

Look… Rough times at Disney World, let’s face it.

I think that investors are feeling low mainly because Disney+ has lost a good amount of subscribers this last quarter, 11 million or so.

And, I think the time has come for us to really grab the bull its horns and talk about what’s going on.

Bob Iger recently disclosed in an interview that he admits that Disney and all of its different brands have had some creative misses… And to be honest… I think this is the main reason why Disney is suffering right now.

We can’t blame this on covid forever. I think that right now a lot of the Disney owned brands such as Star Wars and Marvel have been diluted because of the sheer amount of content that they’ve been putting out there and that nobody with a 9-5 job could possibly keep up with.

And a lot of the content that they’ve put out there just hasn’t been very good.

I find comfort in knowing that Bog Iger is capable of looking at his own tummy and admitting that they’re going through a little bit of a down-spiral when it comes to producing good quality content. He also said something along the lines of Disney having been through these sort of not so good waves in its 100 years in history and hey…

You can’t be surfing big waves all the time, you have to get out of the sea, kiss a little bit of sand and try to figure out how to properly stay in balance.

And so, to answer the question… Is the bleeding over?

Well, it’ll be over once Disney can go back to doing what they were best known for… Telling great stories.

Tony Lewis

Tony is a marketing specialist with a high passion for marketing, finance, business and tech. He has spent the last 10 years of his life consulting companies in the WordPress space and building software with bubble on the side.

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