Okay so…

This new show called Secret Invasion just released on Disney Plus.

It’s a show that I’m probably never going to watch but I was scrolling down through Twitter and apparently a lot of people are upset by the fact that Marvel actually used AI, I’m assuming some version of Midjourney, to create the intro for this new Secret Invasion.

Now, people are absolutely disgusted by this move. They’re hating on Kevin Feige for allowing this to happen but you see here’s the thing…

People, are just not thinking.

What, you thought that AI was just going to come in and write essays for students? Or that it wasn’t going to disrupt the movie industry just like it’s disrupting every other area of our lives?

Marvel has been the first one to do this but hear me out… It’s only going to keep happening over and over again…

AI is going to let companies cut costs in many departments and animation, artwork, graphics is going to be a big one.

But this isn’t just going to affect the entertainment business.

Taxi drivers, Uber drivers, just about anyone in the transportation sector. Engineers, web designers. We’re all going to have to accept that AI is here to take a lot our jobs away. And that’s okay. Really. That means that I no longer have to spend time designing a website, or maybe even building it. I can concentrate on doing something else or collaborate directly with the AI.

See here’s the thing, just because the AI does the heavy lifting for you that doesn’t mean that it can read your brain, yet.

Tony Lewis

Tony is a marketing specialist with a high passion for marketing, finance, business and tech. He has spent the last 10 years of his life consulting companies in the WordPress space and building software with bubble on the side.

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