Disney hits a new
10 year low... 😳

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Disney has officially hit a new 10 year low. Currently trading at about $82/share, investors including myself are wondering when the bleeding will be over?

Look… Rough times at Disney World, let’s face it.

I think that investors are feeling low mainly because Disney+ has lost a good amount of subscribers this last quarter, 11 million or so.

And, I think the time has come for us to really grab the bull its horns and talk about what’s going on.

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The World is on Fire because of Secret Invasion's AI Generated Opening

Okay so…

This new show called Secret Invasion just released on Disney Plus.

It’s a show that I’m probably never going to watch but I was scrolling down through Twitter and apparently a lot of people are upset by the fact that Marvel actually used AI, I’m assuming some version of Midjourney, to create the intro for this new Secret Invasion.

Now, people are absolutely disgusted by this move. They’re hating on Kevin Feige for allowing this to happen but you see here’s the thing…